Reasons why we have sex

Why Do We have Sex

10 thoughts on “Why Do We have Sex

  1. Boris Buckwheat says:

    Chanel, I was wondering how you can tell if a woman is just using a man? I know a woman who is a full blown narcissist and cavorts with a married man, with kids her age! Utterly grotesque, I can’t figure out who is the bigger turd, the woman or the man, as both are adulterous filth!…Be that as it may, this woman I have blown off, due to the fact, she was using me as a source of “supply”…narcissistic supply…she gets her jollies using men for free lunches, beer, margaritas, validation and anything else she can use to massage her bloated ego…she’s a real piece of work. Glad I spurned her “so-called” friendship, which was no friendship at all…time for me to wipe, flush and move on…

    • Chanel Preston says:

      It’s great that you recognized her behavior as toxic and left the situation. Not everyone has the strength or awareness to do that :)

  2. Dr. Carl Stoner says:

    Chanel, I am really hot for a woman at my work. She has long dark hair, succulent, mouth watering legs…and an ass that drives me ape-hit! Her big doe-eyes really turn my hot-button on, if you get my drift! Problem is I’m married, I can’t do anything!, she is gorgeous and sends my head spinning…please tell me what to do…what can I do?

  3. Shelly Purty says:

    I just want to Have Romance with You & the Rest of Adult-Film of Porn Girls by Lesbian Kiss, Rubbing Anal Sex Body (Cover) & Tasting (your) Skins by Only Private-House from Atlanta, GA by my House of Hotel from Southside so, i just Want to keep Growing Up like my Big Age to keep Making Monies Too. & Better Yet, your Sexual Naked Body Makes me Feeling in Love n Romantic in my Whole Life besides, i love Having Sex for Only Private House (still) by Bathrooms n Bedrooms with no Video n Photo Cameras…!

    I’m Love with You my Favorite Chanel. P

  4. buddhaislaughing says:

    Chanel, I believe sex for men is the ultimate in validation, when a beautiful goddess, acquiesces to seduction, the man feels powerful, desirable, and a “man” of sexual prowess… in order to make a goddess yield and give in to his amorous passes…look at you for instance Chanel.. beautiful, charming, funny, with a voice that puts men in bondage, a musical voice…why you may ask?…because “you” also are a goddess In most men’s eyes, you are the “ideal object representation”…with your obvious talents, you could undoubtedly be a major star, a revered talk show host, even a scientist who studies the effects that human sexuality has on the psyche of men…not woman, just men. You have a number of talents and burgeoning skills, as evidenced in your interviewing aptitude…so many talents you possess, now tap into them!… your beauty is just icing on the cake baby…but what a cake!

  5. Wax Falcon says:

    Because of the many positive aspects both physiological and physical. Stress relief,sense of well being,generation of serotonin,which aids brain function.(Virgins thus have suspect mental processes.Never trust someone till they’ve lost their cherry). Oh, and the whole procreation thing too.By the way, you’re real purty.

    • Liz says:

      Actually, many women find sex stressful and even traumatic. Stop projecting your experiences onto everyone. Sex is not inherently pleasurable.

  6. Philippon says:

    Sex is a part of our anatomy that is the organ that gives us pleasure desire that every human being sexless man reproduce Cheap Chanel

  7. This is an interesting video that gives a whole list of the fragmentary answers to why we have sex. But, I think there is one answer that tends to collect most of the others into the really basic level answer.

    The answer to why is that over a very long time here on our little home planet, sex has been a kind of consistent positive catalyst that facilitates our well being and progress into the future. It also has been similarly positive for most of the earth’s higher life forms. So, if it wasn’t very good for us, we probably wouldn’t be here talking about it or making videos.

    I might speculate that some of the things we have “discovered” which make sex more interesting to participants is probably constructive as well.

    • Chanel Preston says:

      I see your name, RenaissanceMan, suits you well. It’s unfortunate that we still do have to talk about sex this way because it can be a very positive thing. I’m hoping to open people’s eyes and help them realize this :)

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