Where Do We Learn About Sex?

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  1. Island Man says:

    Chanel, you are a gorgeous woman, without equivocation, and you obviously know a great deal about human sexuality and how to drive a man wild with passion. Human sexuality was always a mystery to me. Not the biological act itself, but the mating ritual and the determination when the woman allows the man to complete the act, through lovemaking. Do you believe love and lust are connected or separate cognitive expressions, that manifest when people are desirous of one another? Have you been in love, and if so, was it love, lust, or a combination? After all, don’t we need a spark, to ignite some attraction, some spark within all of us? It may be a dimple, a smile, the sweet tone of a persons voice or the esteem that one sees, that other people have for the person we seek to be our paramour. A woman told me once she found me attractive, because other people valued me and seemed so happy to be in my presence. The same woman said my voice always calmed her and she had never heard a man’s voice that had such a soothing effect on her…maybe I have a good radio voice, who knows. Sadly, I seem to be attracted to women who are unavailable to me. Years ago, I fell hard for a woman, of Indian descent, we were colleagues in fact, her parents were from Tuticorin in India. She had huge cow eyes, and dark, silky skin that shined, in fact glowed. She hugged me once, or twice rather, and I remember the smell of her thick, lustrous black hair, it was pleasantly just neutral, but had a feminine fragrance that was her scent, unique to her…it was intoxicating and my head spun as I lost myself in her fragrant locks! I remember how she held me, as if she never would let me go, the embrace was crushing and truth be told, seemed more meaningful that any other physical experience I ever had, as we never consummated our relationship. She married another man, and I was crestfallen, sick with unrequited love…I pined for the sight of her smile, her radiant dark eyes and the sound of her soft, caressing voice, that soothed me and made me almost feel that she had a maternal attraction to me, which was not so bad, believe me. I dreamed of taking her with me to Italy and walking the cobble-stoned streets of Naples with Rene, as she a goddess to me, and her every word was my command, as I would stand stock still in her presence, listening to every word, savoring every precious moment, as I knew it could not last forever, so I cherished these little moments, that were for me almost religious in experience, because they were so significant and meaningful. It was love Chanel, I don’t think lust, as my thoughts toward her were always virtuous. Chanel, is there anything so sad as unrequited love?

  2. Patrick says:

    First of all I truly don’t believe that it’s possible for anyone to have the slightest kind of notion of sex or sexuality itself at the age of 5,it’s absurd thus buddhaislaughing is clearly not speaking the truth,that being said,personally I began learning about sex at about 12 or 13,masturbation and orgasm were accidental learning while I looked at lingerie models in the Sears catalogue back then. I believe learning about sex is a lifetime process and an individual personal thing of course,everyone learns according to their lifestyles,personalities,etc…it’s obviously a very personal thing,at 43 I have experience and knowledge but I will certainly still learn new things about sex and sexuality,right up till I die,just like everyone else I guess.

  3. buddhaislaughing says:

    Chanel, I learned about sex at an airport in the midwest at the age of five. I saw a sexy blonde, with a purple minidress, fishnest stockings and black jack boots on, complete with stilleto. Even at five I was turned to stone, I caressed her thigh and she was shocked, rightly so! She blamed my dad, said he put me up to it…WRONG!

  4. […] I think many of us have the same interests at heart – we want people to better understand the bdsm world and sexuality overall, but we all know there is an effective way ineffective way of doing things. Condemnation is not the key to helping people understand their sexuality better. “Fifty Shades of Grey” may not be a great story, or a well written book, or even an entertaining movie, but we can embrace what it has piqued in our society and say to people It is great that you have found an interest in this, and it’s absolutely ok. If you’d like to explore it further, more knowledge may be necessary, so here are some resources for you. We can use all the attention this story has received and rather than criticize the hype around it, we can use it in an amazing and positive way to encourage people to feel more comfortable about exploring their sexuality. […]

  5. Philippon Patrick says:

    Hello Chanel they are yours its beautiful cats

  6. J. P. Tabua says:

    Where do we learn about sex? … I guess the same place we learn about loneliness; between our legs, but this isn’t the answer to please most people, is it? It’s true, however, that that’s where I learned about sex. I always skipped the sex-education classes at my school. I always had my Ma or Pa scribble me a note so that I could sit things out. I found this sexual education between my pants to be more fulfilling. I used to masturbate just by thigh-hugging the doors of my childhood home, or, more energetically, thigh-hugging the clothesline that spun around for sunshine in the backyard. To sum it up: I learned the only way I could. I discovered sex through sex organs. Something was certainly different on certain members of my family, and I put it all together, and got the message. Now, I only learned about vaginal sex this way. I learned about the nasty kind of sex through the pornography that crept into the schoolyard. One of my first porn experiences was a torn out porn page of magazine. The cover was of two lovers; they were of opposite sexes sharing what looked to be a strange invading-French-kiss. They were, also, doing anal. The woman had long, enchanting, blonde hair. The man was a burly fellow. I don’t remember much else, but I shouldn’t. It was a long time ago. … Anyway, I think it’s a great website you’ve got here, and every country in the world has its fair share of youth that need to learn how, and when, to have sexual intercourse.

    • J. P. Tabua says:

      Jesus. I just noticed I typed: “between my pants”. God! Where’s an EDIT when you need one? I meant “between my legs”. Who says between my pants? Obviously me. I must have been a rushed idiot the day I commented this slice of insanity. … Between my pants; that’s where all the action is. Yeah! Oh yeah! You just fold my pants and you create a crevice for all the tiny, endangered, people that are infatuated with fabrics.

  7. Drew says:

    Chanel – you are so on point! The timing of Naked with Chanel couldn’t be better. We need to educate our society more and change the archiaic way of thinking and teaching. So many women (and men) are going to benefit from this! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

  8. adella says:

    we need something like this – very cool. it should be on regular cable and introduced in school curriculums. can’t wait to see more.

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