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This Blog Has Nothing To Do With Sex But You Should Read It Anyway

This Blog Has Nothing To Do With Sex But You Should Read It Anyway

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In 1989, five teenage boys were falsely accused of the brutal attack of Trisha Meili in Central Park, New York City. More than ten years later, another man admitted to the crime. All the DNA was matched to this man but regretfully, all five boys had already spent 6-12 years in prison. I read an article in the New York Times recently stating that The Central Park Five, as they have been called, may be rewarded $40 million by the state of New York. As stated by the article, they are not being rewarded this money because they were wrongly convicted but rather because they were coerced and manipulated by the detectives to admit guilt to the crime. The underlying truth throughout this trial was that everyone believed what they wanted to believe. The detectives, prosecutors, jurors, media outlets and much of the public wanted to believe that five young, black, poor delinquents were the perpetrators, and therefore made it so, despite a total lack of evidence. Groupthink at its best.

In America, we have the freedom to express our opinions. However, this freedom has come with a price. The price is propaganda, false information, and manipulation. We should ask ourselves, “How much are we REALLY thinking on our own?” We are constantly being tricked and manipulated by the world around us. It’s important that we learn to recognize when we are being compelled to think certain ways by the sources around us. Unfortunately, recognizing this can be challenging because, more than ever, we are bombarded with information about everything from every direction. In this day, we have to be extra diligent in choosing the sources we trust. We are so blessed to have the freedom of information at our finger tips, but on another hand, our world has become so saturated with propaganda that it feels as if our progress is moving significantly slower than it could be.

As far as The Central Park Five case goes, many might say that we have progressed, and we are passed the age of the intense racial tension that plagued New York and many other cities at that time, but we haven’t necessarily progressed. Believing what we want to believe does not apply to only race but everything around us, and there is plenty going on around us right now that, in say, 10 years we could look back and wonder how we could ever have thought that way. Not everything you have a point of view on today could come with repercussions in the future, but in the case of the Central Park Five boys, there were heavy repercussions. Had people thought differently during that time, these kids may have never spent a portion of their lives in prison.

Our mind is so powerful, and it’s amazing how much our thoughts and opinions can affect the people around us. Fortunately, as powerfully as our mind can work against us, it can just as greatly work for us. If the majority of us were capable of committing such an injustice to these boys by convincing ourselves they were guilty, think about how much we are capable of doing that could actually propel our society forward.

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7 thoughts on “This Blog Has Nothing To Do With Sex But You Should Read It Anyway

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    Since this post is not about sex, I will add some spicy talk of my own. You wanna see what an Italian princess looks like? Watch the Godfather, the first one. Look at Connie Corleone, played by Talia Shire. Bellisima! Gorgeous, those eyes, that smile, that hair, that voice. Constanzia is a true Italian-American Princess, any red-blooded American male would love to marry, to adore and treat like the goddess she is. That is truly a beautiful name…Constanzia

  3. anice0 says:

    On the subject of relativity in this world there is much written, but every written word seems insufficient to combat the lack of truth, and their total influence on the world today. The media, advertising, magazines, internet, mark our way. Only smart row upstream, seeking the truth, find it and live in it. Like a well-known character in Tolkien said, “All We have to decide is what To Do With The Time That is Given to us”, each individual has the key to combat lie, being truthful every day, with yourself, with those you love most and those around you.

  4. Poetic Newton says:


  5. Poetic Newton says:

    Truth is something that no longer holds sway. It doesn’t matter and is viewed as insignificant. You could be a great lawyer or judge or even a great police officer. But your greatest struggle will be to always be honest. Today everyone has an angel they have an agenda. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find people who are transparent.

  6. Jomo says:

    Joseph Goebbels,Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda is quoted as saying that propaganda is a necessity of good Gov’t as government is of good propaganda.The arc of society,& gov’t is to create complicity of will to the State,& authority,& the Gen. Populous are base,fundamental minded enough to do so.We want to look at some of the horrors of human behavior linearly but these same events will be back on our door steps soon enough.
    As Winston Churchill is famous for saying,..”those that fail to learn from history,..etc.

  7. RenaissanceMan says:

    This commentary is right on target about one of today’s greatest challenges, the conflict between freedom of action and human rights, and the increasing abuses that we see of virtually all of those freedoms and rights. Outrageous examples of greed, lies, and fear are too often perpetrated in the name of (or under cover of) rights and freedoms that we want to protect for everyone.

    How to accomplish the right balance in the face of the onslaught will continue to be a very difficult challenge, and yet we must make progress on it to preserve the environment we truly desire. Our democracy is being stolen by corrupt power hungry factions, the banking system is corrupted to an extreme without criminal prosecution, the list is very perplexing and it is too long.

    First we need to become much more aware of the situation, and much more interested in learning how to spot the problems as they appear. We need to become less gullible, more determined to become part of the solution, and not just sheep being herded by media monopolies (for example).

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