What is sexual intelligence? Why is it important? Featuring an interview with sex therapist, Dr. Marty Klein.

Sexual Intelligence

8 thoughts on “Sexual Intelligence

  1. Patrick says:

    Interesting,sexual intelligence.makes me realize how little of it there actually is out there,I personally find it’s a perpetual learning process to be constantly updated and upgraded to make a person both a better and safer lover regardless of being monogamous or not,or sexual orientation.

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  3. buddhaislaughing says:

    Chanel, in your learned experience as a woman, who is drop dead gorgeous…how can a man “really” tell when a woman is infatuated with him?…what are the tell-tale signs that she has the “hots” for him…as a woman, do you flirt consciously or subconsciously?

    • Chanel Preston says:

      I think everyone is different in expressing their interest in others. For me, I will either let them know or I will ignore them completely because I am shy. I am not sure what determines when I do which one, but, for whatever reason, my actions always vary when it comes to expressing my interest in others.

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  5. J. P. Tabua says:

    My sexual I.Q. will either be very low, because I’m a virgin, or very high, because I’ve done my homework. Oh, when I have sex the woman will cross her legs, because I am not well-endowed, and she will find pleasure, merely, in the crossing of her legs, that will give her the illusion of a bigger phallus. Oh, when I have sex I will let her pick the music so I will get a sense of her rhythm; this is something other guys are too stupid to think of in advance, but they’re bad sex freaks. Oh, when I have sex I’m gonna be a good sex freak. Oh, when I have sex I’m not gonna force a blowjob, because I know that the women I’m attracted to have teeth, and the ability to chew. Oh, what else when I have sex? … Yeah. Oh, when I have sex for the first time I’m going to make sure my lady friend likes me, and knows me, intimately. Oh, when I have sex it will be a promise of commitment, less to my lady friend and more to myself. Oh, when I have sex I’m not gonna think with my dick. … How sexually intelligent does this make me?

  6. GifundGirls says:

    I wish more people could get the message

    • Willie says:

      I would also recommend the &#lpl0;fo82ow-u2” bookWhat to expect the first year.Lots of really good info, insights, tips for new parents…That way when your in a panic at 2:am you can use the book as a reference and find out what you though was a “calamity” is a perfectly normal or regular thing… +1Was this answer helpful?

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