Sex Acts Banned In U.K.

Sex Acts Banned In U.K.

Sex Acts Banned In U.K.

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As many of you know, the U.K. has recently banned an entire list of sex acts from pornography that is made in the U.K. only. The list includes the following:



Agressive whipping

Penetration by any object associated with violence

Physical or verbal abuse (regardless of consent)


Female ejaculation





Although I am not surprised, because of the internet censorship that was put into place earlier this year by David Cameron, it is a step backwards for western cultures. To me it seems that rather than moving forward we seem to tiptoe, and sometimes leap, back and forth between a more progressive and oppressive attitude towards sexuality.


What do you think?




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6 thoughts on “Sex Acts Banned In U.K.

  1. Päälle marokko neuvonantaja suosittaa poikkeuslupa jatkosota :( tae lujaa morsian esitutkinta kyseenalaistaa saab marika kuvitus tehota
    puolustusvoimat kynä psykiatrinen?

  2. buddhaislaughing says:

    The U.K. is very Puritanical when it comes to viewing and displaying human sexuality, especially on video. The Queen is very anti-porn, yet allegedly many “royals” indulge in watching porn at Buckingham Palace, right under the nose of Queen Elizabeth. “That which a man is given freely, he will grow to despise…that which he is denied, he will grow half mad to obtain—King Henry the VII, 1532:

  3. Rick says:

    We see the same thing the world over … a politician needs to get some pats on the back from a given constituency while simultaneously directing attention away from the obvious failures of policy. It’s a win-win for the government, but lousy law.

  4. Paul Brown says:

    Did Islam invade the UK gov? Since when is a woman forbidden to climax? I could see a law like this approved in an ‘islam’ country, but in the UK?

    And what about free sites like fetishslavetube,, bdsmstream,…? Or are they just ‘bullying’ porn studios and not the tubes, who just use their videos for free?

    Looks like nothing is blocked so far though. If I would be one of those porn studios, I would be totally pissed.

    How are they still making money with porn anyway with all the free porn sites???

  5. massimiliano says:

    You’re right, you go backwards instead of going forward
    Luckily here in ITALY things are different
    There ‘a lot of ignorance on pornography
    in my opinion should be accessible to all
    then if one thinks that the scenes are too violent
    do not look
    CHANEL Thanks for this information, good day and thanks for existing

  6. sneakypete says:

    Whether I like the acts in the banned list or not I still believe that if it’s consensual, it should be allowed. The last 3 on that lot are listed as “life-threatening” and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen you do all 3 on film. Hardly seemed like you were going to die, but it’s done in a controlled environment, right? And you gave informed consent, too, right? If you felt uneasy or in any danger you don’t agree to it I’m sure.
    I wanna know why is female ejaculation worse than male ejaculation? Wtf? Or, if someone dies becsuee they were bashed with a dildo, do they become banned too?
    The u.k seems a touch alarmist to me. I fear it’s possibly more about the chauvinistic or misogynist porn that ends up being acted out in peoples own sex lives they are concerned about. The same way Grand Theft Auto 5 has caused a stir because it allows you in first person mode to kill they vilify it because there are those who can’t separate the fantasy from the reality.
    What it means really is that those who shoot porn outside the u.k with these particular fetishes will make more of a dollar out of it, because the British can still access it via the net.
    I don’t think it changes the playing field overall, more like a restraint of trade for the pornmakers in the u.k…they’ll just have to get creative…or simulate it..if they do, then there could be some REALLY GOOD acting in a porn!

    But honestly,who wants that?

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