Porn Degrades Women!

Porn Degrades Women!

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Porn degrades women – Well, that is, most certainly, a blanket statement. Women and men who fight against the adult industry often use this as an argument. They see porn as sexually violent, abusive and demeaning. However, they are only seeing a portion of the porn that is available. They see the worst of it and define all of porn this way. I understand why they feel this way. I’m sure it’s horrifying to see a girl get dragged across the floor and her head shoved in a toilet. I can only imagine what feelings that would evoke in me had I seen that before I was in the sex industry. This more rough or extreme type of porn represents only part of the porn available. Many of the top companies create couple oriented porn where the sex is romantic and passionate, and the characters are more realistic than the maid coming over to “clean” your house. This type of porn is meant to be enjoyed by females and often directed by females and is never meant to be degrading. However, for the sake of argument, I am only going to address the type that most see as violent and humiliating.

Porn is created out of sexual desire. The assumption is that this means men’s sexual desire, but this encompasses women’s desire as well. People who say porn is degrading to women are, generally, alluding to the fact that it is wrong. And by this they are claiming that any female who fantasizes about degrading sexual acts is wrong. And by this they are reinforcing the repression of sexual expression for females (and you thought you were advocating FOR women). Just because something is not a desire for you does not mean it is not a desire for someone else, and just because you do not understand something does not mean it doesn’t make perfect sense to someone else.

Now-a-days, exploring sex acts such as having your hair pulled a little or getting lightly spanked is socially acceptable. Not many of your friends would freak out if you told them that your guy restrained you with a set of furry, pink handcuffs the night before. It would probably excite them a little, and they may want to try it themselves. If you liked a little spanking once in a while you probably wouldn’t worry that someone would say to you, “How could you do something so degrading!”
People often need to understand something before they can comfortably place it in their minds. If they can’t define or categorize it then it’s deemed as unnatural or unacceptable. The reality is, some women like to be degraded for the same reason why some women like those plastic furry handcuffs, however, to a much greater degree. People want answers as to why women like this, so they blame it on low-self esteem, an abusive childhood, or some excuse to not have to feel love, and sometimes this is the case. But sometimes it is as simple as someone truly enjoys it. Also, what someone wants in bed is not necessarily a reflection of how they see themselves or how they want to be treated in everyday life. If you like to be told you’ve been a naughty girl during sex I would never assume you want people to tell you how naughty you’ve been all day long at work or that you actually feel you need to be punished. Overall, if more extreme types of sexual behavior makes you uncomfortable then why should the line you draw be the line that others draw?

Degradation does exist in porn. I have seen performers get punched, whipped, called horrible names, made to eat dirt, electrocuted, spit on, kicked, paddled, hung from the ceiling, choked, pee’d on, eat their own feces, and fucked until they’re bleeding. It’s difficult to imagine this all happening to a beautiful, young women, isn’t it? Well, everything I just mentioned are all things I have seen done to men. That’s right, men enjoy being degraded as well, and sometimes far beyond women. If you’re going to fight against the debasement of women in porn than you need to include the men as well – It’s only fair.
Maybe you still don’t understand how someone could like such extreme and perverse sex acts, and that’s ok. It doesn’t have to make any sense to you, but that does not make it wrong. Just because something is not comfortably tucked away in your mind, defined, and well-understood does not mean you have any right to keep it from those who enjoy it. Don’t let your misunderstanding lead you to misguided attempts at advocacy.

What’s unfortunate is there are performers who do certain sexual acts on camera that they are not comfortable with, and this makes them feel degraded, not in an enjoyable way, and, in turn, compromises their self-esteem and dignity. This is inevitable because we all make our own choices as adults whether they are right for us or wrong for us. The best we can do is urge performers to only participate in what they are comfortable with.

Most importantly, sexual violence is not a result of hardcore-mysogonistic porn. Sexual violence has been linked to sexual repression more than it ever has been linked to sexual expression. As a performer, it is our job to create a platform for sexual expression to be explored whether the acts are fantasies of our own or not. It is our job to figure out where the line is that we want to draw for ourselves without judging what is beyond that, and, as much as people don’t hold pornographers to the highest regard, we are very capable of making those decisions. If you are actually interested in advocating for women, you will stop assuming that all this more extreme porn is only for the pleasure of men and stop claiming that all porn is wrong to degrade women. But rather, start supporting female sexuality by encouraging each of us to explore ourselves sexually and not shame women (or men) for what they enjoy in the comfort of their own minds.

So the question again – Does porn degrade women? At times, absolutely…and it sure can be fun.


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28 thoughts on “Porn Degrades Women!

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  2. massimiliano says:

    I too think that the real porn and what in the end you can ‘re-create at home.
    Respect for women there has to be
    Chanel what you’ve written and the truth ‘I agree with you, thanks to exist

  3. Fabio says:

    I honestly think the statement “Porn degrades woman” is a bullshit…first because i think that good porn is just Art….in which actors and actress represent what happens when we have sex…the same things that happen when a man (or more than one) and a woman have intercourse and reach an orgasm….

    Second because i do not understand why a man who have sex should be considered a seducer or “skilled” if he conquers a woman…meanwhile a woman should be degraded if she has sex!!!

    If we reason and think with a narrow and prevous century the answer may be yes…but if we think about with a bright and open mind…then we have to conclude that this statement is insane and trivial!!!

    I could say that making porn women are grown up in the society by talking about freedom of doing the same things men do….

    Chanel you are a sensitive, ethic, lovable, adorable, brilliant, bright and open mind….who is free of steretypes of bygot society!!!!

    Hugs and kisses

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  5. Rick says:

    Talk to anyone who’s been around the BDSM world awhile and you’ll find that often the people who enjoy submission, humiliation, or whatever are the folks of all genders who are most powerful in their regular lives. Often enough that it’s a cliche, actually.

    Besides, wasn’t Women’s Lib supposed to be about womens’ ability to live the lives they choose, and not one more weapon to club those who (amazingly enough) fail to see things your way?

  6. Some Guy says:

    This puts a lot in perspective, I think the taboo around some of these things makes it hard to understand a person beyond any of their fetishes, but if everyone is a consenting adult who am I to judge?

  7. Bruce says:

    Of the blogs and posts I’ve read so far, I do not have anything to add to this one but THIS blog demonstrates Chanel Preston is a great moderator. I’ll wager you would find law school interesting! Thanks again for the thought provoking writing.

  8. porn says:

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  10. mark johnson says:

    I believe that men have an obligation to help women as much as they can. If you can help financially, that’s even better. I’m a paid member of the Dogfart network. Dogfart, owns the warehouse downtown, where they make, Blacks on Blondes, and other domains. I reaaly don’t like Dogfart. Many of their domains are disgusting, and cheap, but I keep my membership, beause it is a safe place for white women to get it on with black guys. So ladies, don’t worry about going downtown. It’s perfectly secure. There are many, manny white guys paying for that place. Some guys pay as much to Dogfart, as they could be paying for the real thing. Chanel, I know that you have been to the downtown warehouse several times. I’m proud to do my part, to help women earn some cash to pay the rent. I’m paying my dues, and happy to do it. I love you Chanel, because I’m gay, and would like to have you as a friend. By the way, do you know any gay guys in the Tucson Az. area, that I could meet? While on the subject honey, I would like to say, that the word pornstar is a misconception. I doubt seriously, that any women would say she’s a pornstar. It’s more like, “Yes, I did some work in the business in order to pay the rent.” I doubt that anyone would hold that against you. There’s nothing wrong with that. Your out hustling to pay the rent. The reason I say that honey, is because I think you should be hustling Hollywood. You have the looks for it, that’s for sure. Heck, the female co-star in the movie, Transformers, is exactly like you. You have what it takes Chanel. Heck, acting today is swiping your arms back and forth, fighting an inaminate cartoon character. From your favorite nerd, goodbye gorgeous

  11. J. P. Tabua says:

    What is porn? … Jeez, Um? … I got it. Everything is porn. You’re porn. I’m porn. We’re all somebody’s midnight entertainment. We’re all somebody’s green light for an erection. I don’t wanna be somebody’s midnight special. I’d hope they see a doctor if I were, but in all seriousness are women degraded in porn? Maybe. Probably some are, but I think the question of this blog was more concerned with the rights of people in general to enjoy their own sexual fantasies without having these regrettable cases of horrible filmed torture-sex lorded over them. Now, I’m gonna spill some milk here, and I will give the anti-porn boys and girls one thumb up. Their hearts are in the right place. Seriously. Look: If I had a son, or daughter, and I found out they were having some grown men piss in their mouths for cash, or for pleasure, (and this is an extreme example) I would have a problem with that; not with my child having it done to them – well, I would kind of – but I would condemn the men who urinate in what are clearly childish mouths, braces and all, and I would condemn the people filming it. Listen: I don’t care how much we love porn nobody can blame a parent for hitting the mood-swings when they get the news their child is off doing a gang-bang. We can blame the parent if they shun their child after the news, because then they’re a bad parent, but people who become porn-stars, or escorts, have to accept their parents’ sadness (however disheartening it is). You can’t do something like porn, and expect everybody to understand the sexual journey you’re on. … Wow, I rambled somewhat with this comment, but getting back to the degradation part. Yes and no; the answer is this. It depends on the people making the porn. If you’ve got a money-loving, youth-exploiting, hardcore enthusiast directing your scenes I guess you’re pretty much in for bad experience. I don’t understand anyone who would wish to be in scat, too. That stuff gives me nightmares. Now, what I think no one will debate me on is the degradation of horses, and puppy dogs, in bestiality flicks, and that of corpses in snuff films. There is this degradation that I think needs more attention. This was a joke, an unfunny one, but I think the only problem with porn is that we don’t know what it is yet. If someday men and women of the Earth define clearly what is and isn’t pornography, unfortunately, we’re still going to run into people with opposing opinions. The anti-porn kids will have their pitchforks ready, and their exercise shoes on. They’ll chase you down the street. They’re relentless bastards.

    • J. P. Tabua says:

      Oh pity, I missed the “a” between “for” and “bad experience”. When this happens on FaceBook there’s the EDIT feature, and I can quickly correct my mistakes. Is there an EDIT feature on this website? If there is I’m too stupid to find it. I just really hate when I’m typing what should have an effortless flow for the reader, and then I read it back after posting to find a rock in the river of my rambling. It disturbs my flow, you know, when I find a hiccup like this newest stupid pause in thought? What was I imagining when I forgot the “a” like such a goober?

  12. Amber says:

    You have got me wrong, I understand perfectly that the scenes are supposed to look like the person is unwilling but the actors consent, and I get these fantasies, but you confirm that actors sometimes do things they are uncomfortable with, and I have heard many stories of it happening. This can never be defended. I am not opposed to porn in itself, but the state of the current industry. I hope you are pushing for reforms as well as just defending your career. You seem to think that people are only against things that they don’t understand, which is a misconception.
    I also think you are underestimating how sexual most people are. I actually think people are moving away from mainstream porn because of greater sexual liberty. Websites like and kinktalk allow people to share and explore fantasies while having a proper social interaction. Collectives of couples, individuals and groups share sexual footage with no money changing hands.
    The sexual revolution is happing but the mainstream porn industry is doing nothing to help it. I am not quite sure why you have the impression that the USA is not very sexualised. What about Mileys VMA performance? Which had references to analingus and
    Over in the UK, the fifty shades of grey books were talked about for weeks. Killing kittens sex parties were in the news last week. The sex toy website has television advertising and sex toy sales are booming.
    This article has the tag ‘female empowerment’ so I don’t see how you can say you don’t make those claims.
    Sexual issues like this will always provoke strong emotion from people like me who see sex as something amazing (and the best past time) and I can tell from your comparison to porn and si fi movies that you do not view sex in this way. It is not just people that don’t understand you need to engage with.

    • Chanel Preston says:

      I’m not really sure where you get the idea that I think people in the US are not very sexualized. If you have read some of my other things you would know I often talk about America being a hyper-sexualized culture. And don’t ever assume I don’t find sex to be something amazing. Obviously, I have dedicated a lot of my time and effort towards this cause. The point I was making about sci-fi movies is not meant to diminish the magic of sex but merely to get you to understand that some people do not see it as “exploitation of their fantasies” but they see it as entertainment. Yes, the tag says female empowerment because there are performers that do feel empowered by doing porn. I told you I never made the claim that porn is MADE to empower females. Just because something isn’t made to do so does not mean you can’t feel empowered by it.
      You seem to feel very passionately about the mistreatment that occurs in porn and again, if you have read some of my other stuff I do address this. I am heavily involved in advocating for the best treatment for performers within my industry, but that’s not something I display publicly because it’s not useful in opening people’s minds about sexuality. I don’t think you have a very accurate view of what the porn industry is like anyway. Are you in porn or ever been in porn? You said you’ve “heard stories”. Well, I am in porn and I know what does and does not go on everyday. The state of the industry is better than it has every been when it comes to professionalism. I do defend my career because I love what I do and care about opening up people’s mind about sex. Obviously, there is always room for improvement and everyday I work with people within the industry to ensure we have the best work environments.

  13. Amber says:

    As a masochist sub I find this article really sad. Being opposed to porn has nothing to do with not understanding sexual desires, it’s about not wanting our sexual desires being exploited for profit. The part about seeing people (male or female) being unwantly fucked until bleeding was the worst. How is that understanding sexual desires? Me and my doms have safe words and checks put in place, and trust is a huge part of the bdsm world, nobody in this scene would agree that it is ok to do something sexually unwanted to another, so why should porn be any different? The underlying fact is that porn is there to make money, not to empower women or teach people to be more understanding of niche sexual behaviours. Stop trying to make people feel prudish for opposing porn. Unusual Sex is a huge part of my life, so what argument would you use on me?

    • Chanel Preston says:

      I wouldn’t use any argument on you. You have every right to the feel the way you do about porn as does anyone. The point of the blog is to dispel the idea that women are only treated this way in porn as a way to degrade and perpetuate violence against them and that women don’t enjoy these kinds of sex acts. I’m not trying to get everyone to love porn in my blog and make them feel prudish for not. I am trying to get the to understand that just because they do not like watching something, or feel comfortable watching something, does not mean that it should not be available for those who do wish to watch it. I am also trying to get them to understand that a lot of women watch rough porn and find that it enhances their sex life. You argue that porn should be no different than the practices you use which are not doing something unwanted to another. I agree that no one should do anything they don’t want to, even in porn, but sometimes porn is depicting a story of something happening to another that is unwanted. However, everything between the performers is consensual. They are just making it look like it’s not. This in itself is a fantasy for men and women, and it deserves to be explored even if it makes you uncomfortable.
      Of course porn is there to make money. It’s a business, and that is what it’s meant to do. I have never made claims that porn is there to empower women or teach them anything but I have made claims that it has done these things for people. Just because porn makes money does not mean no one can use it to explore their sexuality and enhance their sex life. Porn is entertainment just like a regular movie. You say you don’t want your sexual desires exploited for profit but does this mean you don’t want any of your favorite non-sexual fantasies to be exploited as well? If someone likes the idea of aliens should one not want that to be exploited for profit and not watch sci-fi movies? Or if someone loves the idea of romance should they not want that to be exploited and never watch a movie about two people in love? It’s entertaining to watch something you are into, whether sexual or non-sexual. If you are not into watching porn for the reason you stated then that is ok, but that does not mean it should apply to everyone.

  14. Terrence says:

    What people do in the studio or in private life is their business as long as no is forced to do anything they do not want to do. What I find objectionable is not the same as others (and nor should it be) but, as a younger man I would object to BD/SM videos because I did not understand them and what they were portraying. Now that I am much older and understand the genre, and understand that the scenes only go as far as the people participating in them want them to, I have no problem with them. As for degrading, that has to be defined by the individual and the particular circumstance. I hate this nonsense of saving us from ourselves. Adults are just that: Adults let people make their own choices as to what they find degrading (within reason) we can not have people being murdered or dismembered or anything like that. C.P., you are an adult and you need no telling or prompting from me as to how you should behave. As I might not like some of your scenes and the like, that is on me and not on you. One last thing before I get off my soap box: I earnestly think that we would be better off leaving the Judo-Christian nonsense on the dustbin of history. We know now what makes us sick and where lightening comes from. Good luck to you.

  15. Alex says:

    I don’t have anything to add to the discussion, but would just like to comment on how great it is to read your stuff. You offer really unique perspectives as obviously most people who read this aren’t in the industry. Thanks for the time you’re putting into stuff like this. Big fan, also.

  16. Dave says:

    The real question should be — what % of these men/women would participate (and enjoy) such activities if there was absolutely no exchange of money or any other financial instruments. Think about it..

    • Chanel Preston says:

      I don’t see how that is the real question as it doesn’t have much to do with the message of my blog. Are you saying that if someone is getting paid to do something then they can’t really be enjoying it? And are you saying that if someone does do something for money it’s instantly degrading? What if I said 100% of performers only do it for money? That does not change the fact that MANY women and men, in general, enjoy rough sex in their personal lives. Of course there are performers who perform acts because of financial pressure and that’s unfortunate. However, financial pressure is very different than just getting paid to do something. Of course we all get paid to do these acts, and some do it despite their limits, but some do it because they REALLY enjoy it. Whether we get paid to do it or not doesn’t change anything. Also, I think you’re very unaware of the amount of women and men that explore bdsm or rough sex for free.

    • Roisin says:

      I feel that the percentage of people who enjoy these things is completely irrelevant. Sexual desires should not need to be justified or made normal by statistics. Even if there is only two people in the whole world that enjoy these things(and there are definitely more than that), it is completely okay for them to explore these desires, as long as it is safe, respectful, and consensual. I love this article/website by the way, I’m 16 and very much interested in becoming a sex educator, your position and knowledge on these issues is unique and interesting to hear. Thanks.

      • Chanel Preston says:

        I 100% agree with you! For being only sixteen you are already at a higher level of thinking than many twice your age. I think sex educators are very much needed in our society, and I wish you all the luck in your endeavor to reach that goal. I’m glad I can be a part of that :)

  17. adella says:

    if porn degrades me, i think i like degradation :)

  18. Manuel González says:

    “People often need to understand something before they can comfortably place it in their minds. If they can’t define or categorize it then it’s deemed as unnatural or unacceptable”. This type of narrow minded thinking is what holds many people back to explore their own sexuality therefore missing out in one of the most enjoyable and healthy natures of us human beings. What you are doing with this blog is helping many people… You nailed it, Chanel! Great work! Greetings from Lima – Perú, South America!

  19. vitto says:

    What a informative post I guess it’s all about the fun in it and how the individual feels at the time

  20. Richard says:

    “Just because something is not comfortably tucked away in your mind, defined, and well-understood does not mean you have any right to keep it from those who enjoy it. Don’t let your misunderstanding lead you to misguided attempts at advocacy.”

    Seems like that could encompass a whole myriad of things in society. You’re preaching to the choir with me, but I still enjoyed reading this.

    • Chanel Preston says:

      You’re absolutely right. Our approach to sexuality often parallels our approach to many issues in society.

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