Goal-based Sex

5 thoughts on “Goal-based Sex

  1. behnam says:

    i love you

  2. Marsz says:


    I’m sorry, but there is no way you are reading Twilight while on vacay! I’m not buying it. In fact, if we were vacationing together, you’d rarely see the outside of the hotel room. I just recently discovered your webisodes and find them entertaining. I am a porn aficionado and of course, a fan of yours. You are one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen in porn…and I’ve been watching since the late 70’s! Seen ’em all. But your beauty goes beyond anything I’ve ever witnessed. You coulda easily been a movie star. It makes me wonder how and why you got involved in porn. I often wonder this about a few girls. I’ve heard the cliche stories about family dysfunction and whatnot, but I refuse to believe that all of you are victims of this. Especially smart girls like yourself. You have it all, Preston. Looks and a brain. You’re someone anyone could have a conversation with and actually be engaging. I wish you nothing but happiness, gorgeous girl. In closing, I hope one day you and I can vacation together…

  3. buddhaislaughing says:

    Chanel, I don’t normally watch porn, my spirit says it’s wrong, but sometimes I give in to temptation, and watch it. Quite by chance, I encountered the super-hero stuff, and saw you in action, if you get my drift…you were servicing a couple super heroes and it was quite shocking, but exciting nonetheless. I had a huge collection of comic books as a kid, and viewing my former heroes, groping and pawing each other in “carnal savagery” was mind-boggling, a shock to my sensibility, if you will. My faith dictates it’s sinful to watch, but damn, watching you as wonder woman, totally blew out my fuse box! I went to high school with a young lady, who wound up doing “the deed” on celluloid, if you get my drift, and was stunningly beautiful. I encountered her years later at a gas station in San Leandro, and she looked weary, just lonely, full of despair. She left porn, got married and now works as an investment banker in New York! This post is kind of a ramble, but I enjoy posting on this site, interesting comments, and you pose some interesting question’s. Thanks for allowing me to free associate on your blog.

    • Chanel Preston says:

      I appreciate all of your thoughtful and insightful comments! Thank you so much. I may not respond to all of them, but I definitely read and consider them.

  4. fledge says:

    Good advice, much the same conclusion I’m coming to, nice to hear someone else saying it.

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