Getting Naked

Getting Naked

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I recently saw a documentary about a self-help workshop. On the first day the founder instructed everyone to take their clothes off and introduce themselves to the rest of the group. You could see the timidity of everyone. Some even looked tearful in anticipation of exposing themselves. I was amazed how strongly this affected most of them. I could not imagine being so afraid to take off my clothes that I cry. The purpose of this task was to strip themselves of what they’ve established as their identity and have the others meet them in a state where they were most like themselves. Clearly “most like themselves” was terrifying. I wasn’t a fan of the documentary or the workshop however it gave me an opportunity to observe a group of people who wanted to find who they truly were, and they accomplished this through nudity. Stripping made this group feel vulnerable and being vulnerable is a powerful tool to exposing fears and forcing people to take a look a themselves from an unfamiliar perspective.

While watching, I imagined all those workshop goers as porn stars and realized this method would have absolutely no affect on us. We would all take our clothes off and not be impressed because we’ve already seen each other naked. There would be nothing to explore or no feeling of intrigue or curiosity. We’d probably be bored and give the instructor a “what now?” look. Everyday we spread our legs underneath lights so bright they expose every possible imperfection. We don’t have an opportunity to be insecure about our bodies. Yes, we are human and aware of inadequacies, but for the most part we have no qualms about running around naked. So what do porn stars hide behind? What do we have to strip out of and expose our vulnerabilities? The answer is our character.

Every established porn performer has a character they play. Unlike mainstream actors who play various roles, we play the same role, and in fans’ minds we are always that person from the moment we wake up to the time we go to bed. Yes, we put on different costumes and say different things in scenes but ultimately we have a character always portrayed to varying degrees in everything we do. These characters are sometimes an extension of who we really are – exaggerating the characteristics of yourself that are most attributable to porn. However, some of them are completely made up. If you took away these characters/personas, some performers may feel very uncomfortable. These personas make a person stand out and make them different from who they otherwise thought they could be. In porn you can be anyone you want to be.

It’s not a secret many of us are different people when we go home. We drop the persona at our front door steps and become the person people often don’t see. We all have insecurities, and we all have ways of hiding them. Unfortunately for us we can’t simply take our panties off and suddenly feel exposed enough to recognize who we really are. We have to dig a little deeper to find what makes us uncomfortable and for many of us doing what we do has actually helped us find ourselves and become stronger, more open-minded individuals. Sexuality and body image are both the most common platforms for insecurities, and without those, we are able to focus on other aspects of ourselves. I often consider myself lucky when I see people struggle so much with sex and body image, and I’m sure other performers feel the same.

So what happens when one of us adult performers sheds the person we create to protect us? Like those at the workshop who had to face their neighbors naked, we too have to introduce ourselves to people completely stripped of the person making us somebody. In a culture that still remains rather sexually conservative, it is sometimes frightening to expose our real selves because unlike the workshop goers who can forget about their clothes and feel no attachment to them, we don’t have that luxury. We are not able to strip down our material identity and have it be disregarded by others. We have to continue to hold “our clothes” in our hand. It’s easy to put on your porn star persona and explain what you do because you love to fuck, but it’s much more difficult to drop that persona and explain to a conservative world why you do what you do as the person you truly are. As a porn star, even when you are comfortable with yourself, people will scrutinize you. Regular citizens fear they will take their clothes off and someone will look at them and judge, but this is just that, a fear. It is, however, inevitable for us; we take our clothes off and show people who we are, yet they will not easily forget what we once were wearing. To them, those clothes will be absolutely indicative of who we are underneath. It’s interesting that some of us sex workers have been able to master an act many are too uncomfortable to even attempt, yet we continue to be looked at as insecure.

Fortunately, the times are slowly changing, and thanks to amazing educators in our industry, people are starting to realize the importance of being sexually secure. Porn is simply entertainment and fantasy, and many of us have a lot of fun entertaining our fans. Can porn be used in a negative way? Unfortunately, yes, but that doesn’t mean it’s the root of the evil. Giving people a platform to explore themselves sexually is what we enjoy doing, and soon we won’t be rejected but rather admired.


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10 thoughts on “Getting Naked

  1. Dr. Jonathan Hemlock says:

    Pretty funny comment by the major. I always thought Sofia Loren was the closest thing to perfect imaginable. When I saw her in Houseboat with Carey Grant, she was stunning, in fact, she takes a man’s breath away. Absolutely GORGEOUS!

    The movie Two Women won her the Oscar, it’s all in Italian, and one of the greatest performances ever given, nothing Meryl Streep has done can top it, in my movie going opinion. Care to weigh-in anyone? Keep up the great work Chanel.

  2. Maj. Charles Rane from San Antonio (ret.) says:

    I am semi-friends with a woman, who is pretty narcissistic, which is amusing because she thinks she’s this smoldering goddess and has “pasty white pipe-cleaners” for legs! She looks a little bit like Ichabod Crane in drag, LMAO! I realized when I was dancing with her she needed a girdle as her gelatinous belly was jiggling and her frame seemed almost “hunched”, she was built like a thick frog, with pipe cleaners stuffed into white pumps, OUCH! This woman needs a girdle, as I never got a chance to really observe her body up close on the dance floor. When I saw it, it freaked me out, I once thought she was stunning, now she’s just a toad, how did that happen? I look at a woman like Chanel and think, wow!, this is a woman of incomparable beauty and is refined with a great voice and a sparkling set of peepers! A woman like Chanel has the right to be posting selfies, she’s so hot, she’s incendiary, but when the “plumpers” start posting, it is pretty funny. Chanel, what attributes do you find sexiest in a man? Does it matter whether he is short or tall, or beefy or just kinda thin? Men seem more entranced with the visual image of feminine beauty, such as Chanel and Candy Strong…getting naked is one thing, having the body to show is quite another. Chanel keep up the great work, you are not only easy on the eyes, but easy on the ears as well. The man who marries you is a fortunate man, you are class and effervescence personified.

  3. Raymond says:

    Honestly speaking, I have no problem being naked whatsoever. I never sleep with any clothes on, and in fact, I so much wish I could be naked much more often, as that is the state I feel the most relaxed, the most comfortable in. Of course, I dare not ever be naked in front of another human being, because of the extremely negative reaction I would get, from shock to horror to calling the police. And I certainly do not need such trouble in my life. So, I live alone, and get to be naked any time I like, just as long as I am at home alone, away from the scrutiny of a very judgmental public.

  4. buddhaislaughing says:

    A woman should always display sleek, shapely, bronzed legs. Legs are what drive men mad, yes! Dark, and I mean “matahari” dark legs, that are silky, shiny and glistening drive men ape-shit! A woman who has silky, gorgeous shapely tan legs controls the world. The entire world is in the balls of her feet, shapely feminine feet I might add.

  5. Becca says:

    I read this without ever having watched a porn… But am completely intrigued by your very forward and positive attitude. I have horrible body image and have taken a very long time to even begin to feel comfortable with myself being “exposed”. I found my diary from 2001 and my insecurities with my boyfriend at the time were horrible. I squirmed just being touched and after a year I finally had sex with him. But only once as I still wasn’t ready. He was quite experienced and my insecurities were enough to push him away. I always felt guilty for “letting go” and enjoying something. It is difficult for me to escape my everyday self who is not a spontaneous person. I know there is good and bad with everything in life, people, jobs, books, music, sex, so therefore, there would be bad porn (degrading). But, like you mentioned, some people enjoy that… So is it bad if people enjoy it…? I guess that depends if they are hurting anybody in the process. I’m finding your site to be informative, if not liberating. The more I try to read about sex being enjoyable, the more I can tell myself to just stop and enjoy it. Believe it or not, it was in our marriage course (mandatory catholic course, which my Anglican husband poked fun at), the two Chaplains that were married spent the whole first night on sexuality; embracing and enjoying it. There were couples there getting married who had kids already but I’m certain everyone must of taken something positive away from it because their candid and openness about it was refreshing and thought-provoking. They were funny too. They also had divorce papers filed after 20 years and had to dig deep on what their marriage and their own selves were all about. So I’ve rambled! Lol! But to clue up, thank you for what you’re putting out there… There are many of us who need this type of information toad you genuinely seem like a well-rounded, honest, person. Cheers!

    • Chanel Preston says:

      Thank you!! This comment means a lot to me. I started this site to help people gain a better understanding of themselves and their sexuality, so I am happy to hear you have found this site informative.

  6. massimiliano says:

    It ‘s true pornography is not’ a beautiful thing, but the actresses like Chanel I think they also make it hard to turn certain scenes
    Who does this work sacrifices much of that time, now do not know how and the love life of Chanel but I think it’s hard to do two things at once.

  7. […] with a few Porn Stars, me being one of them, who spoke about their diets, exercise regimens, and body images. Women and their bodies have always seemed to have a rocky relationship and it’s only getting […]

  8. greene says:

    You think too much. Porn is bad and it’s ruined millions of kids. Undisputed fact and period.

  9. Tony says:

    This post really has got me thinking. It is a shame that people label those in the porn industry as insecure. Taking your clothes off for a living is a very hard thing to do and it takes a very strong person to do that. I mean people in adult entertainment strip down bare for thousands if not millions to see yet it is difficult for most people to strip down naked for even one person. I have had multiple partners that had never had sex completely naked until we became intimate. In the beginning they would be very ashamed of their bodies and very timid sexually and these were women that had previous sexual experiences with men before being involved with me. Once I was able to make them feel comfortable enough to be completely nude it was like they were completely different people the confidence that they gained was immense. I feel like once you strip down bare whether it is mentally, physically or whatever it may be you become very empowered because there is nothing left but the real you. I know you said that in porn you hide behind a character but we are almost all hiding behind certain “characters” and they take many forms money, clothing, career, etc. but once we shed all those things and let people know the real us imperfections and all we have nothing left to lose but everything to gain….. you know if or when you ever decide to leave the porn industry you should really think about becoming a professor you have a very analytic and critical mind. I have to say that after reading some of your posts on here I have to say the most attractive thing about you is your mind. Despite what others may think I find you to be a great role model for women out there.

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