Gender Equality in Sex-education

Gender Equality in Sex-education

Gender Equality in Sex-education

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I like this. Recently posted¬†here¬†on, Jessica Valenti addresses gender equality when it comes to sex-education. She expresses what it would be like for men if the approach to male sexuality was the same as the approach to women’s sexuality. It’s kind of humorous and fun, but clearly addresses a major problem in our society when it comes to female sexuality.


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One thought on “Gender Equality in Sex-education

  1. Scottish Dave says:

    Funny article, but it does underscore the disparity betwixt the genders regarding sex education. Hardly surprising given that disparity exists across so many other areas.

    For me what is interesting is why these disparities exist. I suspect that, like a great many things, Western organised Religion could be a the root of the problem. The Catholic objections to contraception, and abortion well known and obvious. Indeed one need only look at Catholicism and other branches of Christianity and how they do not afford females the same hierarchical positions as males within their organisation. Furthermore, there is the recurring theme of marriage within the article which again highlights Religion’s (uneasy) relationship with matters of a sexual nature. I’m reminded of Kevin Smith’s film Dogma where a character points out how women are vilified and portrayed in a negative light in the bible, Samson and Delilah anyone?

    Another point of interest to me was my impression that the article seems mainly concerned with the misinformation/propaganda surrounding female sex education from a biological point of view and not so much the emotional sexual education, or lack thereof. Perhaps the reason for this is that if we have a bias or inaccurate sexual education system with regard to the biological facts about sex then how can we hope to have an open minded and progressive approach the the emotional aspects of sexual education?

    When I think back to my own formal sexual education [from one of the better academic schools in Scotland] it was very much focused on the biological side and presented in a factual manner, it may even have been part of the Biology class. The emotional side was sadly lacking which, in retrospect is perhaps not a terrible thing as it enabled the biological aspect to be almost mechanical in nature, very clinical. Perhaps a two tiered approach is best with the biological aspects being addressed separately from the emotional aspects of sexual education. Then again this separation of educating about the physical and mental aspects of sexuality may send the wrong message.

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