Chase Bank Refuses to Process Payments for Condom Company

Chase Bank Refuses to Process Payments for Condom Company

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Chase bank has recently refused to process payments for the condom company, Loveability, stating that it falls under their “adult-oriented products” category. They consider this a “Reputational risk”. According to Huffington Post, Lovability owner, Tiffany Gaines, replied to Chase after being denied their services, stating, “I am deeply saddened and quite surprised by this. There is nothing “naughty” about my company’s mission of empowering women to take responsibility for their sexual health. Also, if condoms were taken out of the “adult” category, perhaps more teenage women would feel comfortable being prepared with them. This would prevent the 300,000+ unwanted teenage pregnancies that happen in America each year. What other products are included in the adult-oriented category? Where do you draw the line? Also, does your company hold themselves to these values elsewhere? Are people not allowed to buy condoms with CHASE credit/debit cards from the grocery store?”

What I think…

I am no stranger to being denied at banks because of what I do. Last year ran a story about me getting denied at City National Bank because of “the webcam option on my website”. Many other performers in the industry have experienced issues with banks, especially Chase. Chase and other banks have every right to refuse their services to a company, but what does it say when they feel representing a condom company is a “reputational risk”? This shames sex and more importantly, it shames SAFE sex.


What do you think?…


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3 thoughts on “Chase Bank Refuses to Process Payments for Condom Company

  1. Angela says:

    Yea…it’s okay to rip off their customers but it’s a reputational risk to process a business’ credit card payments. WTF!? But then again, they are a bank…so hypocracy, cheating customers and lying is the norm.

  2. J. P. Tabua says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I have an immense respect for Christianity, but the Christian-fundamentalists do this crap all the time, and then they complain of abortion clinics every other day. Don’t they realize there’d be less abortions if there were more condoms available? To deny condom companies their profits is just pathetic. To try and run down businesses that might, maybe, prevent their children from mothering, or fathering, before they’re capable of being a parent is just sad. I live in New Zealand, and compared to America (at the moment) it might as well be paradise. I don’t know how intelligent Americans, like yourself, deal with the heavy influence of ignorant zealots on your social morality. Shouldn’t a bank just be a bank? What is it with people nowadays having to be the moral authority of everything? It’s just disconcerting to be aware of how many morons there are present on our planet.

  3. Tony says:

    Its really sad to read this. This countries thinking can be so backwards sometimes its scary. I think its so funny that many people have this shameful attitude towards sex yet 99% of us are living and breathing because two people decided to have sex. If anything sex should be cherished and admired that is what preserves the Human Race.

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