Bruce Jenner: Sexual Orientation Separate from Gender Identity

Bruce Jenner: Sexual Orientation Separate from Gender Identity

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Bruce Jenner, a gold medalist in the 1976 Olympics and TV personality, has recently come out saying he identifies as a female and will begin his transition to become a women. His story has been everywhere, especially after his recent interview with Diane Sawyer.

I have always thought Bruce Jenner to be an incredible person, and this seals the deal for me. I find it fascinating that someone who once was the epitome of masculinity and considered by many to be ‘The World’s Greatest Athlete’ is coming out as a trans women.

In Bruce’s interview with Diane, he states that sexual orientation and sexual identity are separate, which is why he always has been and remains attracted to women. In a society that is generally uneducated and misinformed about sexuality, this sparks an interesting discussion about the difference between these two aspects of human nature. I think we have struggled to identify sexual orientation and gender identity as independent of each other, and it’s clear we still have a lot to learn about ourselves as sexual beings. I commend Bruce, and it’s important we continue to note figures who ignite a change in the way we understand ourselves and the people around us.

What do you think?

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3 thoughts on “Bruce Jenner: Sexual Orientation Separate from Gender Identity

  1. Heidi says:

    That’s really thniknig at a high level

  2. Sleepless G says:

    By sleeplessg
    June 9, 2015 6 a.m.
    Why is it not politically correct to question or own our feelings about certain situations? Why are our words and questions about Bruce Jenner, aka Caitlyn deemed troubling or bigoted? Are we supposed to be like most of Hollywood and PC liberals and accept everything about people becoming transgender? I personally would like to own my feelings about issues I question and am a bit uncomfortable with. Does this make me a bigot? I Love everyone. There are many types of people with different practices in my world. I believe some of their practices are aberrant. But I would fight for their rights to live and be anyway they desire.
    Desires of people are varied. We live in a society of mostly convention and when something different comes along, we question it. Are we not supposed to at least question change? Or should we just accept things willingly and without concern? OK, I’m Batman! I will soon wear a mask and cape. Does this really make me Batman? Or am I the Joker? I’m conflicted. Will everyone now refer to me as the Caped Crusader? Am I crazy? No, I am not crazy! I desire to be Batman. I have Loved this crime-fighting persona for some time. I have always felt that I am Batman. Those with concerns about me need to just roll-with it.
    So, you think I am sick and Batman is just a fictional character that is not important at all. Well it seems we pick and choose who or what we will support. Maybe my becoming Batman is not the flavor-of-the-moment. I understand your qualms.

  3. No stereotypes says:

    I think I understand the need for another before know me and accept me. I will always criticize in others what hate me. Hell is other? I did not watch the interview, but I have the impression that he accepted as it is, that’s wonderful. In some families can not talk about these issues and the TV comes in a positive way to open this dialogue.

    The conservative society wants us to be withdrawn and we use masks. Bruce is a very controversial person. Recently participated in a reality show. He is a person who is not afraid to show to the society that it is in its essence. But paid a high price for exposing the large media authentic way.
    Over the years we have learned that no matter what people think about us, they pay our debts? No. Then each one knows the pain and the delight of being what is it.

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