Ashley Madison Hackers Leak Information

Ashley Madison Hackers Leak Information

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Recently, a group called the Impact Team hacked into, a matchmaking site for those looking to have extramarital affairs, and publicly posted private customer data. The impact Team has been threatening Ashley Madison with this action unless they took down their site which perpetuates infidelity. As a result, individuals are not only being outed for their infidelity but also for their sexual orientation. In many countries where being gay is considered a crime this is a big issue.



I don’t think cheating is “right”, but I do think people have the right to cheat. Ashley Madison has capitalized on this idea and obviously this really upsets people. Yes, it perpetuates infidelity, which is commonly believed to be unethical behavior in America, but I don’t think this gives a group like the Impact Team any right to do what they have done. Just because someone is a cheater doesn’t mean they deserve to have all their personal information displayed. This puts not only individuals at risk but families as well. It is not a random group’s right to decide what the punishment should be for infidelity.

What do you think?

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7 thoughts on “Ashley Madison Hackers Leak Information

  1. UK Guy says:

    I randomly came across this blog for a piece I am writing for a dissertation (Cyber Crime Criminology, not Ashley Madison lol). Although, yes it was an illegal act and yes it played its way into cyber crime of which ruined hundreds of relationships around the world; it can be said it had its just cause. In such it saw a way in which people of all ethics, religion, notoriety, fame and race exist in non-marital belonging. Many people claim their relationships are happy and diverse in which each day brings but what must be questioned that if so then why do over 50% of the known/recorded population cheat/or have cheated. What this crime did was bring a light to the already worrying situation of adultery and divorces. the question asked should be is it just to bring forth a crime on individuals for bringing a periodic end to such a horrible site. I do not think so. In the case of Anonymous and the crimes they committed against ISIS, in which they exposed members of ISIS and potential members through FB pages, Twitter accounts, etc… Although it is wrong to attack people over social media or more it is a morally justified act to end harm. In Ashley Madison case it not only pulled people into the light but it helped other people be free of paranoia, anxiety, etc..

    Its a 2 bladed sword, in the respect of crimes but the respect of a moralistic saint. In America you have the ability to kill an intruder in your home. Murder is a crime, yet doing so against an intruder is not. In such hacking is a crime, but moralistic it helped people and therefore should not be.

  2. No stereotypes no intolerance says:

    Chanel, through their work changed my the way of seeing the adult industry and sexuality. That motivates me to do more research on these issues. I thank you for your beautiful work
    About your post I agree with you! I thought of a few things: 1 – We are not fully safe on the Internet, anytime someone may have access to my data
    2 – These hackers are the expression of the hatred that exists and is rooted in society, they act as judges who judge and condemn all as if it they are perfect. No perfect people
    3 – How should be the head of those people who betrayed their spouses and may have their identities revealed at any time ? ! I imagine who are afflicted
    4 – Is it worth cheat? Does it come out of a failed relationship and move on the life would not be a better choice?

  3. Henry H says:

    Social norms and ethics aside, what the hackers did was illegal. AM promotes discretion but it seems no matter what precautions you take, your information is never 100% safe. If you really don’t want to get caught, don’t do it online first and foremost.

    • Chanel Preston says:

      That is true that people should use discretion if they don’t want to get caught. It’s also true that what the hackers did WAS illegal and definitely needs to be considered.

  4. Patrick says:

    There’s a price to pay for infidelity,those people betrayed someone who loves and trusted them,obviously love and trust are no longer relevant things nowadays for many people,but they are to me and others like me,such as the people that have been betrayed by that website’s “customers”,these cheaters are paying a small price for their deep betrayal. Cheating isn’t a matter of being a right,it’s a matter of respect,morality and ethics,people who make up their own codes of morals and ethics have no morals/ethics because there will always be a fundamental human morality & ethics code,which they broke,once that happens,there’s no going back and watching them suffer for it is sweet.

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