I am in my late twenties and I haven't had an orgasm from intercourse. Is something wrong with me? - Elizabeth

It's unlikely something is wrong with you. It is very common for women to not be able to reach orgasm during intercourse. Many women have never been able to orgasm at all. A few factors involved in this issue are the shape and size of the man (Try different positions) , emotional state (are you comfortable? Stressed? Depressed?), and your own understanding of your body. Are you able to orgasm through masturbation? If so, transfer what you do during masturbation to sex with your partner - It's okay to use toys during sex. If you haven't been able to reach orgasm during masturbation, try exploring different things that feel good. You can use fingers, toys, and vibrators. Explore and see what works for you. If you still struggle, you can see always see a doctor, but just know this is something many women deal with.

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