A lot of people I talk to say that using sex toys means you are ugly or not getting enough sex. Is this true if I am using sex toys like vibrators, dildos, anus bead, etc.?-Rhonda

Absolutely not. People's reasonings about sex can be so skewed sometimes. There is nothing wrong with using sex toys, and they can often enhance a sexual experience. There are many women who are unable to orgasm from sex alone, and using sex toys has given them the opportunity to fully enjoy sex. Just because you use toys at home by yourself does not say anything about how you look or that you're not getting enough sex. You can use them whenever you want, whether you're getting a lot of sex or not, or whether you have blue hair, green hair, or are tall or skinny. Using toys can mean nothing more than you like using sex toys. Many people are encouraged to use toys in order to explore their bodies sexually and find new ways of pleasing themselves. This is smart and healthy.

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