I find it hard to attract women mainly because my knowledge of sex is almost entirely based on watching porn. What do you recommend for someone like me who wants to interact more with women? - Jeff

The problem here is that you have learned most of what you know about sex from porn. Majority of porn is not an accurate representation of sex. Porn is meant to be entertainment only and not a tool for education. Unfortunately, this is how a lot of people learn about sex because it is so available and accurate information is not. This does not make porn bad, but you definitely need to make an extra effort to learn from the right resources. As for talking to women, know that there is no sure way that works because everyone is different. Just remember that women are people and a simple "Hello, how are you" is great, and from there just talk and get to know them. And most importantly, do not take what you've seen in porn and apply it to real life.

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